Your sales team needs this!

Click to view this email in a browser 30 January, 2018 Are your sales people performing at 100%? If not, let’s fix that together! In todays world, there are winners and there are losers! And winners are constantly “sharpening” their sword! Learning. Experimenting. Seeking new ways to close more deals! Whether you are a sales… Read More

Life Lessons!

I am finally back in Hong Kong! The past four weeks have really been a roller coaster ride! From being inducted into the Friars Club, to having to put my mother in a long-term nursing home due to the deterioration of her health! Thank God, she’s all settled, and we got that done before I… Read More


The percentage of people that made up their buying decision before they even speak to a salesperson.

Comedy Meets DISC Personalities!

What type of comedy do the different DISC types enjoy? VERY HIGH D Ds can have a somewhat outrageous sense of humor. They enjoy pushing the envelope to gauge the different reactions they will receive from others. They aren’t afraid of being seen as ridiculous, so they often push the limits of what others may… Read More

Is it that difficult?

I have been working with sales professionals for over 13 years. And in that time, I can honestly say I have only met a handful of “uber” sales people. What do I mean by uber? People who can own a meeting, engage the prospect, question them until they really understand if there’s potential and finally… Read More

How to lose every sale!!

How to Lose Every Sale!!! Hello. Are you fed up with those annoying people we call customers? Are you upset that they interfere with your gym training, web surfing and gossip? Well, today I’m here to help. I’m going to give you a simple technique to LOSE every sale. That’s right! Lose every sale! No longer… Read More