What type of comedy do the different DISC types enjoy?


Ds can have a somewhat outrageous sense of humor. They enjoy pushing the envelope to gauge the different reactions they will receive from others. They aren’t afraid of being seen as ridiculous, so they often push the limits of what others may perceive as funny. They enjoy shock humor, and have a way of surprising their friends that often makes them enjoy being around the D. They are often very quick with wit and can respond to people before they even realize a joke is coming. They may have a somewhat crude sense of humor that might offend some people who cannot appreciate it.


I’s often have a very enthusiastic and playful sense of humor. They have a very colorful wit and often have a strong enjoyment for the use of puns. They may occasionally offend people when they are really just trying to make them share in their laughter. They have a way of teasing others, and that is actually a way of showing affection towards them. I’s enjoy their ability to laugh and smile at everything, even the darkest situations. Even though they aren’t always “silly” they do tend to maintain a sense of humor through anything. They have a way of making even the dullest situations hilarious. This keeps the I positive and helps those that surround the I enjoy themselves too.


S’s can have a very broad sense of humor and often find many different styles funny. They enjoy silliness and can sometimes be absolutely ridiculous and hard to follow. They often only share this unique side of themselves around certain people who can fully appreciate it. They are very good at being self-deprecating and can laugh at the goofy things that they do. They often tease their friends about similarly goofy actions but are good at doing it in a lighthearted way. S’s enjoy a good inside joke and love being able to share that laughter with someone special. The people who do not know them closely, probably don’t get to see just how funny the S can be.


C’s are often seen as too serious to enjoy humor, but that is definitely not the case. Many people may miss the humor behind the C’s comments, because their delivery is very sarcastic and dry. Sometimes their ability to maintain a very deadpan delivery of their jokes can cause people to miss the joke completely and believe that the C is being serious. For people who can pick up on their unique brand of wit, they realize just how funny the C can actually be. Their subtle delivery of humor is an art-form.