I am finally back in Hong Kong! The past four weeks have really been a roller coaster ride! From being inducted into the Friars Club, to having to put my mother in a long-term nursing home due to the deterioration of her health! Thank God, she’s all settled, and we got that done before I left the USA! I have also spent a lot of time with my sister Karen (Wonder Woman), and family as well as had the tremendous opportunity to visit my alma mater and spend time with college and fraternity friends, whom I suspect are the closest friends a man could have! What amazed me is that we all went our different ways, with very different lives, some with families, some without, some travelled the world, some didn’t, some married some didn’t, and some just were the same as they were in college! Yet, after 30 years, it didn’t matter! It’s as if we never left each other! It dawned on me, is there a right or wrong in life? Is one way better than the other? Do people have regrets?

I am blessed to say that I wouldn’t change ONE thing in my 55 years of life! NOT ONE! I have been blessed from day one to always seem to know what path to choose. What path will bring the most happiness and success. I was instilled at an early age that if you do your best, treat others with respect and always follow your dreams, you will be just fine! And you know what, it all did!

For me, banking and travelling changed my life! It was made for me!

I have travelled to 50 countries and met some amazing people (Henry Kissinger, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Prince Philip, Jackie Stewart, Malcolm Gladwell, and Muhammad Ali to name a few!)

I have been to tin mines, oil refineries, toured oil tankers, saw cars being manufactured, beer being bottled, cigarettes being rolled, the launch of treasury functions in Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, been to some of the best restaurants on the planet, visited many of the world’s top tourist attractions, dove the Great Barrier Reef, saw the wonders of nature at a South African Safari, swam with Mako and Blue sharks off the coast of San Diego, hiked the mountains of Bhutan, visited the markets of Nigeria, the temples of Cambodia, the seaside of the Amalfi Coast, the architectural wonder of the Taj Mahal, and the street that made it possible “Wall Street”!

And to cap all this off with a wife like Julie Lynne Carmichael, truly means that God is looking out for me!

Finally, I spent a month in the USA! I didn’t see Hatred… Racism… Violence… Or Ignorance! I saw love, compassion and kindness! I saw a country with so much beauty that one really never needs to travel outside! There’s plenty inside!

So, let’s forget about the few people that still support the madness currently running our country, and focus on love! Love of yourself. Love of others. And love of what you do!

God, Bless you, my friends! And keep laughing!