Wine tastings have become boring! Let’s face it, many people go to a wine tasting, taste some wines and leave immediately after that! Why? They’re too pretentious! Too many people pretending to make sense of this:

The 2012 Chardonnay from Toad Lake Winery unites ashy essences with a terroir of boysenberry undertones leaving you with a cherry, gooseberry aftertaste!

Most people don’t know, and don’t care, about undertones and terroirs! They want to try some new wines, meet new people, laugh and share some good food!

That’s why I have created Chateau Laugh Eat! (Not to be confused with the pretentious Chateau Lafite). The world’s only wine tasting event that incorporates good wine, lots of laughter and great food!

We wanted something new, fun and engaging. Not just a wine tasting, but a fun night of team building, networking or whatever it is you’re celebrating!

I have teamed up with one of Hong Kong’s leading wine importers, Cru World Wine, who have access to wines of all prices and tastes, as well as one of the best Sommeliers in the region, Sabrina Hosford!

The tasting event will include a proper wine tasting and fundamental understanding of the wines selected, and will be hosted by a professional comedian from Asia’s first full-time comedy club – TakeOut Comedy!

Don’t just taste wines, experience them!

Call Anthony Solimini at 9306-7865 or email him at for more information!